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Minister Gorazd Žmavc: Young start-up entrepreneurs from neighbouring countries important for national consciousness and confidence

"National consciousness is also being strengthened through economic independence, which is why a successful economic activity of communities from neighbouring countries is as important as the strengthening of the national, linguistic and cultural identity of Slovenians living outside the borders of their home country. Young start-up entrepreneurs from neighbouring countries are especially important from this aspect, which is why we are enabling them this year, together with the organisers of the PODIM conference, to participate free of charge in the biggest start-up conference in the Alps-Adriatic region. We want to connect them with successful young entrepreneurs, experienced mentors and investors in start-up companies from Slovenia, the region and globally, and thus make a long-term contribution to progress of the entire Slovenian society," Minister Gorazd Žmavc, who heads the Office for Slovenians Abroad, said in an interview, this year directly addressing for the first time the target group of young, Slovenian-speaking founders, co-founders or members of start-up teams who live and work in Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary.

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