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Slovenia to finance model farm in Croatia

Ljubljana, 19 July (STA) - The government plans to finance a model Slovenian farm in Gorski kotar, the mountainous western region of Croatia, in an effort to help the Slovenian community living there. The project will help keep youths in the area, farmer Zoran Ožbolt said as the financing agreement was signed on Wednesday.


"We want youths to stay in this area. I hope the project will succeed and thrive," Ožbolt said.


The project, valued at half a million euros, will be co-funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry for Slovenians Abroad and is the second such effort after a model farm was launched in Felsoszölnök, Hungary, in 2015.


Minister for Slovenians Abroad Gorazd Žmavc said the project was the least Slovenia could do for its ethnic minority in the region and would help nurture good Slovenian-Croatian relations.


Agriculture Minister Dejan Židan said the model farm would help revitalise farmland in an area that is being overgrown with forest and would pursue three objectives: the development of animal breeding, meat production and education.