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Now is the time for reflection and not the time for fighting”, said Žekš.

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samuel Žbogar and Minister for Slovenians Abroad, Žekš invited representatives of the three umbrella organisations of Slovenians living in Austrian Carinthia to discuss in detail the content of discussions held between the Slovenian minority and the relevant Austrian party which took place on April 1, 2011 in Klagenfurt, Austrian Carinthia.


The following persons were present at the today’s meeting: Dr. Šturm, the President of the Association of Slovenian Organisations, Mr. Sadovnik, the president of the Union of Carinthian Slovenians and Mr. Olip, the representative of the National Council of Carinthian Slovenians. The President of NCCS, Dr. Inzko, provided an apology for his non-attendance due to other urgent duties in BiH.


Slovenian representatives from Austrian Carinthia gave the ministers a presentation of their perspectives regarding the continuation of the discussions about topographical bilingual signposts and the content of the package of measures for the protection of Slovenian national minority in Austrian Carinthia.


“Slovenia will only support those solutions which will be acceptable for the entire national community in Austrian Carinthia,” said Minister Žbogar and expressed his expectation that legitimate requirements of the Slovenian minority will be respected with the agreement.


The Presidents Šturm and Sadovnik presented the course of the Friday’s discussion and thanked for a strong support by the Slovenian Government with regard to the endeavours of the Slovenian minority in solving open issues. In the continuation of the discussion, all three representatives of the minority expressed their conviction that negotiations may be successfully concluded in the event some corrections of the current proposal will be reached with the Austrian party.


After the discussion Minister Žbogar assessed as follows: “We hope that the process will conclude in such a manner that Slovenian minority will be satisfied.” We all see that there is a possibility to continue with discussions since the negation process is not concluded yet. At the meeting we reached an agreement regarding the future path and further steps of the Slovenian Government. ”


Minister Žekš added that he agrees that a compromise is acceptable for us only “if all three umbrella organisations will agree with it and if it is assessed that thee agreement is not forced by the Austrian party. Now is the time for reflection and not the time for fighting”, said Žekš.


Ministers assured that Slovenia would continue to strive for an integrated attainment of all commitments with regard to the Slovenian minority in Austrian Carinthia and Styria given by Austria pursuant to Article 7 of the Austrian National Treaty.